ROY Kombucha Mix + SCOBY

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This bundle includes the best of both worlds – our Kombucha starter culture so you can brew your own at home (incl. recipe sheet), as well as our ready-to-drink ROY Kombucha in cans.

  • 300ml starter culture (liquid SCOBY)
  • Recipe sheet (EN/DE)
  • 2 cans ROY Ginger Kombucha
  • 2 cans ROY Raspberry Kombucha
  • 2 cans ROY Lemon Kombucha

We're always available to answer questions and provide support regarding all things homebrewing – just DM us on Instagram or send us an email at!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love the kombuchas!

Been so hard to find real kombuchas since I moved to Germany. So glad I came across Roy Kombucha. Looking forward to more flavours from them.

Bex Stein
My New Obsession

I am over the moon in love with ROY Kombucha. Every flavor I've tried is delicious. I haven't used the SCOBY yet but it came with very clear instructions on how to use it and I am super pumped to try it out. Shipping was fast which is an incredible thing in Berlin. This is definitely the best Kombucha in Germany.

Richtig lecker! Tolle Anleitung!

So so gut! Und mit dem Starterset hat sich grandioser Kombucha entwickelt!

Nadine Sommer

Sehr leckerer Kombucha, aber leider etwas teuer um ihn sich wirklich regelmäßig zu zulegen, aber um sich mal was zu gönnen, sehr Lecker. Bei dem Scuby handelt es jedoch nicht im einen Scuby wie ich ihn kenne sondern nur um die Starterflüssigkeit, ich finde man sollte es dann auch so nennen.

Vincenzo Aprile
Super cool

I guess now I appreciate more the work behind a simple can! Amazing to see how kombucha takes to be done! And hey, it tastes so goood!