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Mit diesem Mix kannst du all unsere Hauptsorten probieren!

ROY Raspberry Kombucha —die fruchtige Erfrischung

ROY Ginger Kombucha — aromatisch, leicht süß, wärmend und ein wenig scharf

ROY Lemon Kombucha — die perfekte Erfrischung mit einer leicht herben Note

ROY Pure Prana Kombucha —steigert deine Energie und hellt deinen Tag auf

  • Bio-zertifiziert
  • Vegan, roh, glutenfrei, laktosefrei.
  • Handgefertigt in unserer Berliner Brauerei.
  • Dosen sind zu 100% recyclebar (DPG Pfand: 0,25€ / Dose).

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ashlyn Vokt
Delicious and Refreshing Kombucha 🥰

I love the variety pack because I can’t decide which flavor is my favorite! All are delicious and refreshing :)

Best Kombucha I’ve tried

I don’t say this lightly (as I am a big kombucha fan and have tried many) but this is really the best kombucha I’ve tried. I particularly love the ginger flavour but loved all others in this pack. I’m UK-based so there’s a few flavours I can’t try but when I’m next in Berlin ROY will be on my itinerary!

Christophe Iwanski
Best kombucha in Berlin, great flavours

Really good and tasty products, not too sweet and I like the different flavours. The limited edition with Paper & Tea was a bomb!

Andrea Di Persio

This mix is a great idea to get an overview of all the different flavours.
I am not a fan of mate so I would never have tried it if not for this mix. Now is my favourite :D

Best Booch in Germany!

I've been an avid drinker of Booch for about a decade, and while you can find many varieties in every corner store in The States, it's super hard to find here. And even then, two of the three companies I have found are just meh. So, really stoked about these guys! And I'm a daily loose leaf Yerba Mate drinker, so their Mate flavor is on point for me. Thanks for filling a necessary void here in Germany guys! Keep brewin ;)