• Authentic,


    * Fermented, sparkling tea.

Drink Alive, Feel Alive.

Following a 2000-year old tradition, ROY Kombucha is a naturally refreshing and energizing drink made with highest-quality teas. It is a great way to look after your well-being, because if you drink alive, you feel alive.

Carefully Crafted in Our Brewery

We brew Kombucha the original way — just in bigger tanks and with a twist to make sure there is no alcohol in it. Come by any time if you want to see how we do it!

ROY Cans

Authentic, high-quality, best-tasting Kombucha in the most portable packaging available. Choose from our three core flavors: Ginger, Mate or Raspberry.


Our Story

Member of 1% for the Planet

ROY Kombucha Brewery

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 162
13086 Berlin, Germany

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