• Drink alive, feel alive.

Highest Quality Kombucha

ROY stands for highest quality and best tasting Kombucha. We only use a handful of organic ingredients and always brew in small batches. Our values are rooted in authenticity, transparency and sustainability. 

Carefully Crafted in Our Brewery

We brew Kombucha the original way — just in bigger tanks and with a twist to make sure there is no alcohol in it. Come by any time if you want to see how we do it!

ROY on Tap — For Offices

We offer the most sustainable way of refreshing your team! By supplying you with an easy to handle tap system and kegs, you can pour fresh ROY Kombucha yourself and enjoy it daily. We come around once a week and make sure that you never run out of our delicious booch!

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ROY on Tap - For Events

Looking for a healthy refreshment for your next event? With our mobile Kombucha bar, we can cater in any location. Two friendly bar men included.

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Our Story

Member of 1% for the Planet

ROY Kombucha Brewery

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 162
13086 Berlin, Germany

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