About Us

Our mission is to introduce a new generation of beverages: transparently produced, diverse in taste and made with high-quality ingredients.

ROY was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a new generation of beverages. We brew high-quality, organic kombucha in our Berlin-based brewery following a tried-and-tested 2000 year old tradition. Our kombuchas are naturally refreshing and energising, made with highest-quality teas and full of organic acids and B vitamins.

Our cans are available in the flavours Ginger, Raspberry, Lemon & Pure Prana as well as changing limited editions.

We set very high requirements towards the quality and taste of our products and with our Kombucha, we want to initiate a new generation of refreshing beverages: in-house & transparently produced, more diverse in taste, and both better for the consumer and the planet.


Get to Know the ROY Team

ROY Kombucha Gründer CEO

Fabio Carlucci

Founder & CEO

Stefanie Itzen

Head of Operations

Junior Operations & Office Manager

Navdeep Kaur

Junior Operations
& Office Manager

ROY Kombucha Head Brewer

Arne Eckert

Head Brewer

ROY Kombucha Sales Manager Brewer

Peter Vick

Senior Brewer

Packaging & Warehouse Operator

Lina Blomqvist

Packaging & Warehouse Operator

ROY Kombucha Brewer Berlin

Nils Lampe


Content & Brewer

Katja Middendorf

Sales & Marketing Manager 

Content & Brewer

Benjamin Hein

Packaging & Delivery Operator 


ROY Kombucha Job Berlin


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