Doing as little harm to our planet as possible, one Kombucha at a time.

Our goal as a growing company and brand is to be as sustainable as possible. Not because it sounds good, but because it is a necessity to preserve the earth we take for granted.

While being "carbon neutral" sounds great, it is actually quite difficult to assess how much we are polluting as a company. Therefore, we've partnered with the Berlin-based company Vaayu to track and offset our emissions.

These are the initiatives we are engaging in already today:

  • Carbon neutrality: With the help of Vaayu, we are assessing how many emissions we have based on utility bills, packaging materials, our online shop / website, logistics up to harder to track emissions coming from ingredients in our products (so called Scope 3 emissions). This data is constantly updated to be aware of any change and in order to reduce emissions as much possible. For what we can't reduce, we are spending the appropriate amount per month to offset and thus become carbon neutral. Currently, we are supporting three projects to restore natural ecosystems in Cambodia, Kenya and Peru. (learn more by clicking on the links)
  • Green energy: From our energy provider Vattenfall, we are receiving green energy ("Ökostrom"), which means that 100% of energy is coming from renewable energy sources.
  • Reusing cleaning agents: In our brewery, we are reusing cleaning agents with the help of a cleaning tank which we have purchased especially for this purpose.
  • Carbon neutral shipping: We exclusively ship with "DHL GOGREEN", the carbon neutral shipping service offered by DHL.
  • Upcycling of used ingredients: We always try to find a second life for our used ingredients. Thus, ice cream makers have used our infused rasperries and artists our SCOBY to make vegan leather. If you have an idea yourself, please let us know! :)

Why we can

From the beginning we have filled ROY exclusively in cans. Not only do we think it makes for a better drinking experience, but cans are also not less sustainable as reusable bottles which are very common in Germany.

We have thought about the decision to use cans for a long time, please find in the following the reasons why cans make sense:

  • Thanks to 0,25€ DPG-deposit, the recycling rate for aluminium cans in Germany is 99%
  • Aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and therefore, no new aluminium needs to be extracted for the production of cans
  • Cans are much lighter than glass and cause way less CO2 emissions per unit in transport. In fact, there is 30% less aluminium used in cans today compared to 30 years ago
  • Cans are better for Kombucha as no light is able to reach the beverage
  • Cans go where bottles cannot: As cans will not break, they are safer to use for sports, outdoor activity and wherever glass is not suitable